vintage upcycling edition

CREATION vintage is a special edition as an upcycling product and was made from old wood and second-hand vintage clothing. This creation points to the problem of our throwaway society and its impact on people and the environment. Hyperconsumption and fast fashion continue to dominate the major sectors of the economy and fuel a world of values ​​that can no longer be reconciled with the actual realities of resources and life. With this creation, KANTE - Fine Art Interior would like to show new ways in which something new and exclusive can be created from used and old items, especially in the furnishing industry.

This creation is an upholstered chair with elaborate workmanship, which includes strapping and upholstering the seat and backrest as well as wallpapering the side panels. The solid wood framework consists of a complex series of angles and slopes and was manufactured with the highest precision.

Recycled solid spruce wood framework, roughly brushed and coated with water-based wood paint; recycled second-hand-vintage-clothing items; Seat and backrest belted and padded with high-quality, durable cold foam, RG40, SH70; Dimensions: WH: 92/118/100 cm; Weight: 25kg