This creation is an upholstered chair with elaborate workmanship, which includes both the strapping and upholstery of the seat and backrest and the wallpapering of the side panels. The solid wood framework consists of a complex series of angles and slopes and was manufactured with the highest precision.
This creation is inspired by a nature reserve in southern Istria. With its unique flora and fauna, it has breathtaking rock formations marked by sun, water and wind and which form the motif for this creation.
Nature-made transience at its most beautiful - immortalized in this creation.

// Product information
Solid wood base made of brown ash, brushed and finished with white pigmented hardwax oil; Textiles: Shimmering velvet, 340gsm, 160,000 rubs for maximum durability; Seat and backrest strapped and upholstered with high-quality, durable cold foam, RG40, SH70; Dimensions: BHT: 92/118/100 cm; Weight: 25kg